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Your participation will empower India with all the basic facilities as stated in our goal.
This is also a social site but with a mission to bring India on top of the world map with respect
to its basic facilities. The task is humongous but we need to take first step. As we know that we
were on top during our ancient time then why not now? So let’s work together to accomplish our mission.

What you need to do here, just spend your few minutes and enter your

  1. Problems – Any problem you are facing like having no roads, electricity etc. in your village or town.
  2. Complaint – You have roads, electricity but roads are not in good condition

  3. New Initiative – If you need new road, bridge, hospital, park etc. in your location just enter here.

The whole process is written in the “Help Center” tab as how to use this website?

Thank you so much for your valuable time.

Janmsidh Team.

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