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Lokmanya Tilak had said “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it!”

What does swaraj mean to you? Swaraj means to be able to lead a comfortable life, and to lead a comfortable life, you need basic infrastructure and facilities.

Are you happy with the infrastructure available in and around you?

Do you know whom to contact in case you have a problem, complaint or suggestion regarding the infrastructure or facilities? Problems such as:

  • There is no hospital in your area, or there is a hospital, but there are no doctors or equipment
  • There is no school / college in your area, or there is a school, but there is a lack of teachers
  • There are no roads in your area, or there is a road, but it needs widening because of increasing traffic
Don’t worry! You can now use this website to enter all such problems and we promise to ensure that the right people get to know of the problems. We will also ensure that through regular follow up, the problems are addressed.

Come, get involved in nation building. Start by listing the problems that you face and help solving them!

A developed and progressive India, where every resident has access to the basic infrastructure and facilities that is required for leading a comfortable life.

To ensure that all infrastructure-related problems solved through:

  • Documentation in the right detail
  • Escalation to the appropriate authority
  • Follow up on implementation
  • Feedback from the original poster

The overarching goal of this Website is to ensure that all infrastructure-related problems are solved in a time-bound manner through the following means.

  • All problems are documented in the correct level of detail by providing a comfortable and easy-to-use interface.

  • The problems are then escalated to the correct person(s) in the administration,
    bureaucracy and polity based on the classification and categorization of the problem.

  • There will be a mechanism by which the problems will be followed up with the concerned people and the original poster will be kept informed of the progress made.
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